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August 14, 2017

Do you want to become a blonde? Do you know that the blonde has more than 10 fine shades? Which one will you choose?



Ashy hair color is a cold steel shade without yellowness. Elegant ash, reminding grey hair, adds aristocracy to your look, makes it noble and natural. It perfectly fits dark and light rosy skin, and it’s perfect for hair of any length. On top of that, the ashy shade can highlight the blue and grey eyes. And the last thing: to achieve ashy color is extremely difficult at home and the correction will have to be done very often. Also, note that dark hair can be dyed into ash color, but it needs to be bleached beforehand.

  ash blonde anchante hair


Platinum blonde is an ideal choice if you have strong facial expressions and pale, slightly tanned and/or peach skin color. Unfortunately, women with swarthy and golden skin should better avoid platinum as it might not be the best option.

It’s extremely hard to achieve platinum color - this is the procedure that has to be done with the help of experienced hairstylists. Best results are guaranteed on a light-brown base while brown-haired and brunettes are less fortunate - they will have to bleach the hair before dying it to the platinum color.

  platinum blonde anchante hair


“Warm” and “saturated” are the right words when characterizing this wonderful hair color. Honey blonde is suitable for women with blue, brown and amber eyes and dark, light or olive skin.

Honey transitions in the hair give vividness and natural volume to your hair. It is hard to maintain the same condition on your hair as with other colors. In order for the color not to be washed out, maintain it with the help of tinted balms and half pearl tonics. 

Honey blonde can be of several types:

  • Natural – the effect of burnt strands;
  • Honey-brown – got a darker pigment, looks perfect with blue or gray eyes and light skin;
  • Honey-chestnut – got a natural chocolate tone;
  • Honey-red – got a touch of brightness and fervent to your overall look.

honey blonde anchante hair extensions


Sand blonde with a bright yellow tone and is considered universal as it is suitable for women of all ages. The shade is very interesting. For example, in the winter, when the skin becomes pale, more golden touches should be added to it. But in the summer, in order to shade a tan, it is better to combine it cold strands. With the right coloring, the hair will have a beautiful shine.

sand blonde anchante hair extensions


This beautiful natural shade is an intermediate version of brown and yellow. It is somewhat similar to wheat color, but it differs by a more emphasized reddish tone. It can be worn by a woman with any type of hair. With this hair color, the structure of the hair, as well as length, color type, or makeup are not significant. However, makeup artists recommend focusing on the eyes and leave only light gloss on the lips. It will emphasize the depth of the caramel blonde and make you look even younger and fresher. By the way, this trendy color is ideal for highlighting and low lighting.

The caramel blonde also has several types: 

  • Caramel-red – suitable for light-skinned women;
  • Caramel-honey – makes the haircut shinier and brighter;
  • Dark caramel – it is combined with original light-brown tone;
  • Light caramel – applied to initially light hair;
  • Golden-caramel – gives the skin shine;
  • Caramel-ash – a shade with the effect of highlights, obtained by the method of 3D coloring.

caramel blonde anchante hair extensions


Golden blonde gives the hair a golden shine, which simply looks perfect in the sun. This shade allows women of the spring color-type to create a vivid and memorable image.

golden blonde anchante hair extensions


The beige shade of the blonde adds to the hair a natural, soft and romantic touch. It perfectly harmonizes with the cold color. Beige blonde can also be used as a highlight for dark-red or dark-brown hair. The main problem that you can come across is yellowness.

Girls with dark hair before using these products need to completely bleach the hair. Only then the color turns out radiant and smooth. Pearly tonics can also help you.

beige blonde anchante hair hair extensions


The luxurious pearl blonde is very popular now. It can be both cold and warm, so, when choosing, it is necessary to be used with an additional shade – ash or golden. The pearl blonde is recommended for women between 35 to 45 years. Their special signs are light skin with blue, green or grey eyes.

pearl blonde anchante hair extensions


Stylish wheat shade is expensive and natural. There is no hint of affordability and vulgarity, which for sure will be appreciated by both business women and young fashion ladies. The most successful combination is with light skin and gray-blue eyes (spring and summer color-type).

wheat blonde anchante hair extensions


Bold strawberry shade looks romantic and incredibly stylish. A light pink tone will make your look very charming. Strawberry blonde exists in several variations - very light, peach, plum, pastel pink.

strawberry blonde anchante hair extensions


This type of coloring involves a combination of dark roots and light hair along the entire length. California blonde requires frequent correction because of the growing roots.

california blonde anchante hair extensions


Fashionable shades of the Venetian blonde are in great demand. Outwardly it reminds a light-reddish color. It does not suit everyone, only women who have light or pinkish skin shade.

venetian blonde anchante hair extensions


Dark blonde can be called one of the most feminine and soft tones of this color palette. It gives the hair a well-groomed appearance and makes the overall image very natural.

dark blonde anchante hair extensions


This cool shade, beautiful and effective, is perfectly combined with short haircuts, but also looks quite good on the long hair. Dirty blonde can be attributed to a dark palette. To put it more simply, it's an ashy shade, diluted with light feathers.

dirty blonde anchante hair ROSE QUARTZ

Rose quartz is a real trend in clothing, accessories and in a palette of different hair dyes. Particularly impressive this shade looks on the longer bob or pixie. As per the age range, this color has no restrictions - it looks wonderful both on young girls and mature ladies.

rose quartz blonde anchante hair

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