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August 12, 2017

We often damage our hair without knowing it, including the polluted environment, lack of vitamins or genes. And in order to fix the damage or to maintain healthy looking long and thick hair, the majority of the women opt out for clip-in hair extensions. But note, if you want to buy clip-in hair extensions, remember the following list of the most common mistakes that women make when taking care of both clip-in hair extensionsand their own hair.

  1.   Do not dry the hair wefts using a towel.

This is harmful since terry cloth destroys the structure of the hair resulting in split ends. For drying, use a microfiber or cotton napkins. The most important thing to remember is you shouldn’t rub your hair, simply let it air dry or use the cotton or microfiber napkins observe the water.

  1. Do not use hot styling.

Never dry clip-in hair extensions with a hairdryer and do not use a curling iron or straightener without thermal protection. Hot air in any case negatively affects the curls, but thermal protective styling remedies help to reduce the harm and prevent the hair from being damaged.

  1. Comb your hair starting from the ends.

This rule is very important: both your hair and clip-in extensions must be combed starting from the ends and gradually moving to the roots. In the opposite case, you will tear out the whole hair strands or damage the locks.

  1. Dry curls immediately after washing.

If you really want to use the hair dryer, do not rush, wait for 20 minutes. When the hair extensions dry a little, the hot air will not have the same negative effect if you dried them right after the washing.

anchante hair extensions

  1. Avoid very tight pins or rubber bands.

Try not to use accessories that extremely tight for your hair as this can lead to fragility or slow down the process of blood circulation and hair growth. To maintain beautiful and shiny hair, use only hair clips.

  1. Beware of frequent washing with dry scalp and weak hair.

Since frequent washing dries up your hair and deprives it of natural oils, wash your hair at least every other day. If you are used to daily washing and feel discomfort, you can simply reduce the amount of shampoo used.

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  1. Heat up the straightener to the minimum value.

If you cannot do without thermal tools, then try to gradually reduce the frequency of use. After a while, you will notice that it is not so difficult and your hair will be styled easily without the excessive use of thermal tools.

  1. Limit the hairspray before styling.

Do not use a hairspray before styling since there is alcohol in the hairspray, meaning there is water as well. When it touches the hot iron, the liquid evaporates and, as a result, clip-in extensions get damaged. Also, it’s not recommended straightening wet hair. Hairspray might be applied only to dry hair after styling.

  1. Limit the use of cleansing shampoo.

If you bought clip-in hair extensions, but they quickly get dirty and heavy, then try to limit the number of cleansing remedies used. It is enough to apply shampoo once a week.

Make sure to provide proper care to your hair extensions as well as to your natural hair for the healthy looking hair.

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