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April 08, 2017

Today, you can transform thin hair into luxurious and voluminous hair in a matter of few minutes. This instant transformation is possible with clip-in hair extensions which are gaining popularity every day. Many women tend to use it even on daily basis. 

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Not too long ago, many of us would use salon services to add extra length and volume to our natural hair, but those days are long gone due to the high cost for such service, none durable effect and damage to the hair, women wanted to get something new. As a result, clip-in hair extensions revolutionized great opportunities to experiment with your own look at your home convenience. In 90% cases, there is only positive feedback about clip-in hair extensions as they have lots of advantages over many other types.

First of all, it's very convenient to use them. These kinds of extensions are installed into your hair very quickly and firmly using clips which add instant length and volume within 10 minutes. These extensions are known as multi-weft hair extensions which tend to have wefts ranging from 7-10.  When it comes to Anchanté Hair, we design our extensions as one full thick hairpiece (single weft) for an easy, quick and firm application and wear within 30 seconds. Meanwhile, this simple method of hair application does not require any professional skills, making it manageable even for the first timers.  Second, of all, the use of clip-in extensions is absolutely harmless. Due to the fact that there is no need to wear them constantly, your own hair will not be subjected to unnecessary weight that will constantly put pressure on the roots of your hair. Also, using silicone coated clips in the hair extensions ensure zero damage to your natural hair while looking flawless. Third, the price of clip-in hair extensions is much lower than the cost of getting the service done at the salon. Moreover, if you take into account the need for regular hair extension correction, the financial benefit is obvious.

  anchante hair


When deciding to purchase hair extensions, you need to consider that there are two types: natural and synthetic. Obviously, not only the price makes them different, but also the quality. So, let’s dive into the main features of each type.

The most affordable in terms of price is artificial hair, which is made of the synthetic copolymer. They look good but react very bad to the hot tools such as a hairdryer, hair straightener, and curling iron. They also easily stand out from natural hair when you touch it. In addition, they are not subject to dying. If you purchased the wrong color, you will have to dye your own hair in order to match it with your extensions.

For connoisseurs of a natural look and high quality, clip-in hair extensions are the best fit. They are more expensive, but made out of the 100% of human hair of different types (European, Brazilian, Indian, etc.) and have almost no drawbacks. During the manufacturing, the modern processing technologies are used that allow preserving the natural elasticity, softness, and shine. The best quality of hair processing is called REMY human hair where the hair strands have been thoroughly collected and sorted to ensure that the cuticles are all in the same direction. Therefore, they have the absolutely identical texture and look as your own hair.

Clip-in human hair is very easily styled, straightened and curled. You can also dye and wash them, but not bleach them. At the same time, they absolutely do not require any special care. They simply need to be washed using regular shampoos and hair conditioners, and also treated with oils or leave in treatments to increase the durability. Very much like your natural hair.



For many of you, having long hair is not only a matter of change but also a universal product for creating amazing hairstyles.

Nowadays, the variety of hair extensions is quite large. You can buy a ponytail, bang, bundle or even a braided braid which allows you to create different hairstyles in just a couple of minutes. Of course, there is an indisputable advantage of individual and circular strands. After all, you can do anything with them: wear them straight, do various hairstyles, tie a ponytail, make curls or braid your hair. Therefore, before buying you need to decide what you really want.

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