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The IT hairstyle of all times got to be a top knot. It is literally a cherry on top of any casual outfit to make it more edgy and stylish. Who said your hair doesn't make your outfit? It can rock it full on when done properly and in today's hair tutorial we will show you a new BRAIDED top knot, just because having a plain top knot is so cliche so we will show how to add a little spice to your look. This braided top knot can be rocked by all hair types, but originally it was created for fine hair girls to add a little bit more puff and texture to their front hairline area.

To create the texture and add volume, I am using my texturizing spray by Oribe and a teasing comb. You will also need a small or large hair elastic as well as few bobby pins. 


In order to recreate this braided look, you will be simply pulling your hair from one side to another. There is not actual braiding, but just pulling the hair to the side to recreate the movement. Also, when pulling or braiding, as I like to call it, you need to pay attention to the front of your hair to make sure that it does not get parted. It needs to have a smooth finish, but with volume. Once you are satisfied with the length of your braid, you will need to bobby pin it in your braid from the midsection of your hair to the front by sliding the bobby pin forward. It just helps to secure the overall look when you will be pulling on the top knot. Once you have secured the braid, you can go ahead and put the remaining of your hair in a knot. I do it by twisting the hair, then pulling on it and twirling it in a knot shape. By doing so, I create more texture that I can pull on after for a larger messy bun. I do recommend to bobby pin the sides of your bun down to create a fan-like look, and once you are satisfied with the volume of your bun, consider your hairstyle done. It is this simple. 

braided top knot anchante hair 

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  • May 31, 2017
  • Konul Iskenderova
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