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Classy Low Bun - New Year Hairstyle Tutorial

Classy Low Bun - New Year Hairstyle Tutorial

Happy Upcoming New Year to all! 2016 has been a bumpy one, but it is a matter of us learning from those bumps and starting 2017 with fresh and ambitious goals to conquer. So, over here we thought the best way to do so is with a great hairstyle. You know the hairstyle that says, "Oh, she is the BOSS!". 

How to low classy bun Anchante Hair

It is something about the low bun that keeps it so fresh and so sophisticated and elegant. Pretty much it is the ideal hairstyle to rock even for the fancy dinner or for the holiday celebration, like NEW YEAR. 

how to classy low bun Anchante Hair

There is this saying, the way and with who you will greet the new year that is how your new year will be. So, it is recommended to celebrate in style with good hair because let's be real, no one wants 365 days of bad hair day. That will be too much too handle and hence, this updo. Easy, classy and can be used with or without the hair accessories. 

To recreate this look you will be needing:

3 large hair ties,

lots of bobby and grandma pins,



hair accessory (optional)

how to low classy bun for the new year  anchante hair

Note: in this video, I am using my 220 grams of Ombre Chestnut halo hair extensions set, which is why it is slightly hard to flip the hair through the loop. So, if you are having the same difficulties, simply make the hair ties slightly loose so it is easy to create a large enough loop to pull the hair through. However, if you wish not to use your hair extensions, then you can go ahead and recreate this look without the hair extensions, but make sure to add extra volume to the bun by pulling on the hair to add volume to the hair. 


low classy bun hair extensions Anchante hair


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Thank you for tuning in!
Happy New  2017 Year! 
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Anchante Hair - 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions by Konul Iskenderova
  • December 28, 2016
  • Konul Iskenderova
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