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Modern women are very active and busy. They do not have much time to take care of their hair. That's why short haircuts are so popular since they do not require much care, since it is very easy and fast to wash and dry the short hair. Plus, stylists constantly offer new interesting options. However, short haircuts have few drawbacks and one of them is that they look boyish at times. So, what if you want to have long beautiful curls? You can apply hair extensions in hair salons, but it's very expensive. You can go the other way: buy clip in hair extensions from the online store.



Clip in hair extensions are the wefts which are firmly attached to the roots of your own hair. In our store, you are able to buy one full thick clip in hairpiece that equals in weight to multiple clip in wefts. We designed them as a Halo-style hair extensions to ease and significantly decrease the application process time. Only recently they have become very popular with their unique design, which makes them a worthy alternative to the salon hair extensions service.


Below you can find the important features of clip in hair extensions: 

  • They can be either synthetic or natural human hair. A good quality human hair serves for a long time, looks beautiful and solid. It's almost impossible to distinguish extensions from your own hair. The only drawback is the higher price. This is the reason why not everyone can afford buying them. Synthetic hair extensions also look kind good, but they quickly get tangled and serve on average just a month.


  • The natural human wefts stand almost any test: they can be colored, curled, styled according to your preference.


  • Not sure what length to choose? Do not buy wefts that are very long because you will look very unnatural. The average length is 24inches (or up to 22 inches long) is the most optimal solution.


  • Clip in hair extensions require at least a minimum care and caution. If you provide careless treatment, you can burn and damage them completely. Therefore, it's better to stay away from unnecessary experiments, and they will last you longer.


  • It is better to buy a ready-made set. This is enough to get a thick beautiful hairstyle;


  • They can be easily applied and removed within just few minutes. For example, Anchanté hair extensions are applied within 30 seconds.
    clip in hair extensions myths and facts anchante hair



There is an opinion that the production and further distribution of clip in hair extensions is unprofitable to hair stylists who provide hair extensions service at salons. This is reasonable because almost all the women want to have beautiful long curls, but not overpaying for them. Because of that, there are myths that were created by hair stylists that make women to give up on clip in hair extensions. Here are the main ones.


  1. HARMFUL TO YOUR OWN HAIR. It is said that after using clip in extensions you can quickly lose your hair. This is not true. The clips themselves are very small and do no harm your hair. Additionally, Anchanté Hair provides silicone-coated clips that do 0 damage and do not slip off the hair at all.


  1. SALON HAIR EXTENSIONS SERVICE IS BETTER. This is an individual approach. If you do not mind the price and choose between salon service or your own set of clip in extensions, then you should rely on your personal choice. Good experts can always recommend best option for you.


  1. THEY LOOK UNNATURAL. Reputable and honest clip in hair extensions brands select hair very thoroughly, using 100% Human hair for its extensions. As a result, it is not even possible to distinguish the extensions from your own hair. In addition, extensions are mixed with your hair, so no one will ever guess that you have them on.


  1. IT TAKES TOO LONG TO APPLY AND REMOVE THEM. This is what usually people say who have never tried them. Everything is extremely simple. Even if your come across any difficulties in the beginning, they will soon disappear with a bit of practice. The clips are easily snaped and the entire process will not take longer than 10 minutes. Moreover, we designed them in a way that you can quickly attach them within 30 seconds wihout spending even a minute.


  1. IT REQUIRES A SPECIAL CARE. BS. It is enough to sometimes moisturize the hair using special shampoos and leave in treatments. Clip in hair extensions do not absorb natural nutrients, and such products will keep them in good condition.


  1. THEY CAN ALWAYS SLIP OFF. Clips are made of strong metal, while there is a reliable protection against slipping. In fact, that construction can not slip off! You can slightly comb your natural curls. Then, clips will stay very firmly.
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  • May 19, 2017
  • Konul Iskenderova
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