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When looking for an inspiration what could be uber inspiring as Coachella. Everything about this music festival is trendy, edgy, and simply must have! So today's post is dedicated to Coachella inspired hairstyles and we got to film 3 of them for you to watch today.  We also got many other hairstyles on our YouTube channel that could be festival appropriate if you use hair accessories such as, metal pieces with gem stones, feathers, flowers, and many other. So let's get this list of Coachella inspired hairstyles started. 


1. 3 Easy Coachella Hairstyles - tutorial for these 3 easy looks is on our YouTube channel here. To recreate these looks you will not need much as long as you got hair accessories, then you can recreate these hairstyles however you want to. You can find the gold and silver headbands with gem stones at your local accessories store, which add so much character to your hairstyle. 


3 EASY COACHELLA HAIRSTYLES || Festival Hairstyles Anchante Hair

3 EASY COACHELLA HAIRSTYLES || Festival Hairstyles Anchante Hair

3 EASY COACHELLA HAIRSTYLES || Festival Hairstyles Anchante Hair

3 EASY COACHELLA HAIRSTYLES || Festival Hairstyles Anchante Hair


2. Galaxy Buns aka Glitter Roots Buns - this probably is the trendiest thing to do for Coachella or any other festival just because it takes so much time to do it, but the end results are unreal! All the fuss that comes with this hairstyle is worth it! To get this look, you simply do your hairstyle first, for instance, you can put your hair in the high two buns or braid two top half braids on top of your hair, then using this specific glue you can spring glitter on top of your roots to get this look. Now, the more purple and blue you have the more your roots will look like a galaxy, which is our absolute favourite because it reminds us of the sunset at the dessert. 

galaxy buns anchante hair coachella inspired

galaxy buns coachella inspired anchante hair

But you can also find many other galaxy buns that will look similar to this:

galaxy buns coachella inspired anchante hairPhoto credits: @najlakaddour


3. Half Up Braid - this is not a waterfall braid, but a diagonal braid across your halo is a perfect hairstyle to ensure that your hair extensions will be hidden at all times while you are dancing to your favourite song. Note, this an ideal hairstyle if you decide to rock your hair extensions to the festival, but if you already have thick hair then you can go ahead and rock it without the hair extensions. The most important part is making this hairstyle Coachella approved, which is very easy to do so. If you get metal rings from your local accessory shop that have small gap, then you can simply loop them into your braid, as in on top of your braid. Watch it here

braided half up halo hairstyle anchante hair coachella inspired hair


4. Beard Braid - a perfect hairstyle that looks very unique and the process to recreate this look is so much fun. Please do note, if you have short hair then it will be better for you to skip this hairstyle because it is more suitable for longer hair. Watch the tutorial here

how to beard braid anchante hair youtube channel


5. Unicorn Inspired Hairstyle - if you really love funky colors, but don't want to color your hair, then look no more. In this tutorial, we will show you how to achieve an easy hairstyle or simply any hairstyle can be converted to unicorn hair with good temporary colored hairspray. Watch it here

unicorn inspired hairstyle anchante hair

To conclude, these 5 hair tutorials are very fast to recreate, yet they look very different and once you accessorize it, then it will look ideal for Coachella or any other festival. 

We got many more easy hairstyle tutorials on our channel make sure to hit the subscribe button here and stay tuned for new hair tutorial video every WEDNESDAY. 
Thank you for tuning in!
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  • April 12, 2017
  • Konul Iskenderova
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