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Easy Bohemian Style Updo | Bun

Easy Bohemian Style Updo | Bun

Happy first week of 2017! Now, that we got all our resolutions written down in details with plans on how to actually achieve them, are you ready for a new video from us? We decided to start the first week of new year with a fresh and casual bohemian style bun/updo, totally inspired by the Coachella and all the braids you get with it. For this bun, I am showing a new way of pinning it so that all the strands are hidden inside the bun with no extra bobby pins. To be honest, at times it can get so tiring taking out all the bobby pins from an updo, but not with this one.  It is very easy and has a shape of fanned out flower. So pretty! *heart eyes emoji*

 Easy Bohemian Style Bun Updo Anchante Hair halo hair extensions 

Now, I did not use my Anchanté halo hair extensions in this tutorial, but you can go ahead and use it. Since I have long hair, it was already a lot to work with so I chose to keep the hair extensions out of this hairstyle. ALSO, my braids over here are not as thick as I usually do it. I wanted to keep them clean from the front, so I pulled on them slightly, and added a bit of messiness to the bun for that bohemian look.


For this hairstyle you will be needing the following:

Small hair elastics
Bobby pins
Texturizing spray
Teasing comb
Blow drier
Blow drying brush


Bohemian Style Updo Bun Anchante Hair hairstyle tutorial

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Anchante Hair - 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions by Konul Iskenderova
  • January 04, 2017
  • Konul Iskenderova
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