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August 05, 2017

Fashion changes for everything: female body, makeup, and hairstyle, but luxurious, thick and healthy hair is a timeless beauty that will always be in trend and be valued and appreciated by many women. Therefore, women from all over the world put a lot of efforts to make their hair look luxurious and voluminous. It’s good if you were rewarded by nature with dense curls, in this case, it is enough to choose quality care products. But what if you cannot achieve the desired volume with the help of serums or balms? That’s when hair extensions come to rescue. And in today’s world, you can find clip-in hair extensions along with regular wigs and chignons of many kinds.



Clip-in hair extensions are one of the latest trends in the world of hairstyles, which became popular among hairdressers and beauty salon visitors. It is no surprise since you can achieve great volume and thickness simply and quickly with no fuss. What’s more essential is that they can be applied at your home convenience. One of the most important things you should consider is choosing the hair extensions with the right clips in order to ensure that the extensions are held firmly to your natural hair. 

By the way, with the help of clip-in hair extensions, you can not only get the desired volume but also get the desired length. It all depends on your personal preference and your needs.  

All hair extensions, first of all, differ in hair structure, that is, the degree of naturalness. And clip-in hair extensions are no exception. If you want to create stylish hairstyles that will look very natural and beautiful, then you need to purchase clip-in hair extensions made out of real human hair. Well, in order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is suggested to follow the simple advice of professional hairdressers.

S H O P   A N C H A N T É   H A I R   E X T E N S I O N S  anchante hair extensions


In order to buy quality clip in hair extensions, you must first pay attention to the manufacturer. Clip-in hair extensions, as well as wigs, can be found by many brands in today’s market, but be careful when selecting the brand that you feel you can trust. If the price of the extensions is suspiciously low, then it is recommended to save yourself a headache and go with higher priced brand since you are most likely to get the higher quality product. Please note, the human hair is not a cheap product. On the brighter note, if the selected wefts are made of natural hair, then they can be dyed, curled and even used with hot styling hair tools for better results.

You can buy wefts separately or as a set. Anchanté Hair made it easy to apply by designing them in the most convenient way as one full thick hair piece for a quicker application.

Taking into the consideration that the market is offered by a large color selection of clip-in hair extensions, the choice of shade should be approached very carefully. Fortunately, clip-in hair extensions differ in a large number of various colors, so it's not difficult to select the exact color. While some of the brands offer certain customized colors in their product range, Anchanté Hair went beyond and launched Color Customization service which allows customers to request individually desired color at a reasonable price.

Now, after you decided on your color and length, you need to learn how to apply the hair extensions. After all, some of them are installed with the tape-in method, some - with the help of special tools. But, as the practice shows, the most convenient way to apply is the clip-in method, which is easily attached and, when needed, easily removed.

  anchante hair extensions


As you read above, there are many benefits of clip-in hair extensions when it comes to easy application, convenience, and zero damage. Especially all these benefits are felt in comparison with hair extensions service in beauty salons, which doesn’t always beneficially affect the healthy condition of your own hair and your pocket. 

As for the cons, there are not many of them, but there are few. So, clip-in hair extensions may (but not always) create a sense of heaviness on the head. That’s why it’s recommended to do some research before you buy desired weight collection. The second drawback is the possibility of losing the original condition of the wefts (if you decide to buy multiple clip-in wefts). But this is possible only if you color them often, curl, comb or use hair styling tools a lot – almost every day.

And, of course, like any natural hair, clip-in wefts also require special care, which includes washing, deep conditioning, and so on.

We got more tips on how to take care of clip-in hair extensions on our blog here. If this is something that you want to read more about then make sure to check out our blog post about  Clip In Hair Extensions: How To Take Care Of Them.

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