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We always follow the news of the celebrities around the world - what have they prepared for us today? How do they look like and what changes they do in their appearances and what not?


Today, let's talk about the celebrities’ hair because its condition is an indicator of beauty and health. Unfortunately, many women by nature are given thin, fragile hair, so they need to constantly take care of it.


Hair extensions can help you save this hard work. This extra touch to your hair will help to give you extra volume, length and improve the overall look. Another benefit is that you can get a haircut anytime, and then just grow it out. Of course, there are hair extensions that are not so great in quality, blending, and color match.


Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are featured as some of the unluckiest people when it comes to their hair. The famous singer, Britney Spears, lost her hair after the medical problems, and she could not restore the previous look immediately. Later, when her hair grew a little bit, specialists had to put a lot of effort to restore Britney's well-known hairstyle - the hair below the shoulders.

celebrities wear hair extensions

Regarding Lindsay Lohan, the Hollywood actress is always unlucky with all the cosmetic and plastic corrections because every time she undergoes hair extensions treatment, she suffers from a hair loss problem. In a situation like this, experts advise to remove the hair extensions immediately and give your hair a break. Most likely, you will necessarily need to go through the rehabilitation therapy such as hair transplant.

lindsay Lohan wears hair extensions

Selena Gomez is known for her super thick blow dried hair and to get the look talented actress and singer does not hide the fact that she uses hair extensions. The beautiful and thick hairstyle of a star always looks well-groomed: it shines, it gets styled very well and, in general, it looks great. However, the price of such beauty is a constant hair extensions procedure. Also, according to her own words, she had to apply hair extensions for one of her movies. The web network even caught the pictures directly from the hair salon, where Selena got a new hairstyle. We must give credit for the courage of the young celebrity because many of them hide the involvement of any beauty procedures.

Selena Gomez wearing Anchante Hair extensions


All celebrities want to be perfect and sometimes you can not look so without the help of specialist or beauty procedure. Hair extensions have been helping celebrities to stay chic and attractive for a long time. But some of them, on the contrary, got disappointed by the look. Let's talk about it in more details.

  • Jennifer Lawrence is one of the highest paid actresses who constantly surprises her fans with her new hairstyles and hair color. She is either dark brown or blonde. She also likes to experiment not only with colors but also with lengths - she can have long and wavy curls and then appears with a very short Bob haircut. Next day you see her waving with her curls which are below the shoulders. Such changes do not go in vain for her hair, and Jennifer recently tested it on herself. The unsuccessful hair extensions treatment ruined the beauty of the actress and she had to urgently fix the issue after the damage was noticed by journalists and fans.

Jennifer Lawrence had a bad experience with hair extensions treatment

  • Latin American beauty, Jennifer Lopez, was always famous for her luxurious hair. From the very first days of popularity, everyone noticed the beautiful hair of the singer. She always cared for them in the best way but took advantage of modern technologies. Hair extensions have earned the popularity and effectiveness thanks to Jennifer.

Jennifer Lopez - queen of hair extensions

  • Christine Teigen is open to her fans about her hair and the hair extensions she uses. She shares all the life stories with them: the first baby’s cry, the degree of leg’s stretch, pressure by the fashion industry bosses, calling her extremely fat. She even dedicated the entire post to her hair extensions on Instagram saying “This is not my hair”. She said the truth and then added: “Unfollow me if you don’t like it”. Very brave and honest woman who keeps it 100% real instead of hiding it all.
  • The piece of Ariana Grande’s famous ponytail was also cut from someone’s head. However, the singer found an excuse on one of her Instagram posts saying “During the filming at “Sam and Cat”, I had to constantly dye my hair into the red within 4 years. Just imagine, what happened to my natural hair. I wear wigs and clip-in hair extensions because my natural ponytail looks horrible.” 

Ariana Grande is well known for her ponytail

  • Chloë Moretz has been silent for a long time, but during one of her last interviews about beauty secrets to InStyle, she mentioned “Yes, I wear clip-in hair extensions and I am saying so young girls stay realistic and don’t criticize themselves for not looking as celebrities on a red carpet. In the everyday life, I am different.”
  • Paris Hilton can be informally named the Queen of the hair extensions. Journalists are ready to sell their souls just to catch a shot of her hair failure. But why are they interested only in it? She has a lot to share, starting with opening a new business and ending with the release of a new documentary film.

Paris Hilton - Anchante hair clip in extensions

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  • June 19, 2017
  • Konul Iskenderova
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