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 Healthy and beautiful hair is the key to success.


Hair straighteners are a must have tool for every girl, regardless of their hair type. It is an easy and quick solution to straighten a very curly hair and give it a smooth finish with healthy shine. Now, you may wonder in today’s market with so many choices, how to pick the one that suits my needs and my hair type the most? Well, in this post we will break down the types and their benefits in more details.


Types of hair straighteners


Professional hair straightener. This modern device is used not only by experts (hairdressers, make-up artists), but also by many women. Why? In fact, the professional straightener is manufactured and designed for different types of hair and has a temperature adjustment function that allows you to straighten the hair without damaging it. This kind of a hair straightener warms up quickly and can also be used on the wet hair.


Non-professional regular straightener. These models have much fewer functions or none at all. The regular straightener is slower, but their form can be quite attractive. As a result of the modern design, the difference in price between the professional and the regular straightener will not be noticed.


Having learned more about models of straighteners, you can decide which of them suits you best. But this is not all you need to know about straighteners because in order to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, it is important to choose the right straightener with a high-quality coating. So, let's talk more about the coatings of straighteners and their features.


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Types of coating plates


Metal. This material is the very first coating on straightener, and these metal plates are considered to be the most unsafe ones for the hair. These hair straighteners are recommended to use no more than 1-3 times a month, otherwise, the damaged hair with more frequent usage is guaranteed. Of course, there is a significant advantage of such coatings – low price which is very important for many people.


Ceramic. As for today, straightener that has ceramic plates is one of the most popular models. Ceramics is more gentle material, so you should not worry about your hair during straightening. However, the frequent use is not recommended as well. We recommend using a straightener with ceramic spraying 8-10 times a month. This kind of straightener is more expensive than metal one, but your hair deserves the best.


Ionic-ceramic. Basically, this type of plate can be seen on professional straighteners. They warm up faster than others, and leaves your hair looking shiny and smooth after straightening. The tourmaline coating consists of various crystals that have the ability to produce negative ions during the heating, and because of it, the hair retains its water balance.


Floating plates. What is this technology about?


Even with the most expensive straightener you still can damage your hair permanently if you use it for too long. But even here specialists worked hard. The newest technology of hair straightening with floating plates allows you to cover the hair in a way that the straightener slides easier and protects the hair. Why floating? The straightener with floating plates is very comfortable to use. Meanwhile, the huge advantage of it is the ability to regulate the temperature by simple pressing.


Heating temperature mode for straightening


The heating temperature mode for hair straightening exists not to over dry your hair. Depending on the structure of the hair and their damage, you can choose the desired temperature. The maximum temperature reaches 150 - 230 degrees, while the minimum is 90 - 100 degrees. If your hair is thick, wavy and healthy, then you need to choose the maximum temperature. In the opposite case, when your hair is weak, thin and dry, under high temperature conditions they will simply become fragile and splitted. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the lowest set temperature for such type of hair.


Popular hair straightener brands


When choosing the right straightener, many women worry about the same question: "What is the most demanded straightener and what brand manufactures it?". Nowadays, there is quite a large number of popular manufacturers whose models win leading positions in the current market.


So, let's take a look at the most popular manufacturers:


Rowenta. You can say the following about this brand: "Price matches the quality". This is a well-known manufacturer of not only straighteners, but also other small household appliances.

Gama. This brand is one of the most popular and loved by not only professionals, but also by lovers to experiment with the hair. Gama is an Italian brand and is highly demanded in many countries. The manufacturer produces ceramic and ionic-ceramic coating straighteners. Gama straighteners are known for their excellent quality. They constantly produce new items so they can please their customers with improvements due to the demand.

Brown. This brand is known for its high quality. The manufacturer uses only ceramic plates for straighteners and, therefore, probably deserved such a high popularity.

Remington. This company manufactures products at relatively low price, while maintaining the highest quality. If you have picky hair or you just want a stylish haircut, then this brand is for you.

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To conclude, the health of your hair is very important, and for this matter be smart with your choices. Before purchasing your hair straightener, make sure to consider all the factors that can effect in return the health of your hair. If you are not a frequent user, I will still recommend to go for a ceramic one at least, to avoid any problems down the road.


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  • April 01, 2017
  • Konul Iskenderova
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