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Most women dream of beautiful, healthy and long hair. To achieve this, they try various methods and techniques, but just few people manage to achieve the desired results by using different effective methods for accelerating hair growth in a HOME environment. Your heard that right! At home you can achieve significant results with home remedy stuff that were made by yours truly, rather than spending hectic amount at the salons. Mind you, the care for the hair has to be consistent and often, so now try to imagine how much you would need to spend at a salon to maintain the health of your hair! 

anchante hair - how to grow hair fast at home

To accelerate the hair growth, techniques such as compresses (hair wraps) enriched with vitamins, nutrient shampoos and masks with a restoring effect are considered to contain great medical benefits for the growth. Simultaneous, using these at home is considered an ideal option for increasing the growth rate of the scalp. Along with home masks, you can apply different kinds of balm or leave in treatments that can be bought in store for an extra boost of nutrients.

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When it comes to inexpensive products that can be made at your home convenience are:

  1. Oils in the form of compresses (hair wraps). Application is done before bedtime, so the active components of the oil are absorbed into the scalp throughout the night. Burdock and rosemary oils have a solid number of vitamins.
  2. Shampoo stimulating rapid hair growth. It can be prepared from mustard and brewed tea. To do this, take the egg yolk with a spoon of mustard and mix them. The mass of these ingredients are mixed with three table spoons of unsweetened tea. After ten minutes, the mixture is washed off.
  3. Rinses made of herbs. They can consist of nettle, burdock, lotus, chamomile or sage potions. To do this, four table spoons of any herbal collection should be poured with 250 ml of boiled water. After filtration, it becomes a full-value rinse for hair.
  4. Keratin fibers, silicone and beta-carotene are more modern preparations of cosmetology, which accelerate hair growth. Though the components are artificial, they are completely harmless to health. They are perfectly combined with herbal extracts. After the shampoo, compresses, herbal rinses and vegetable masks made at home can be added to your hair treatment routine.

 how to grow hair at home - anchante hair
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Also, to speed up the process of hair growth, you can use the following masks:

  1. Egg mask. You need to apply two yolks from roots to the ends of your hair, while rubbing them into the roots. After, wrap the hair for half an hour. The mass is washed off by warm water. Also, an egg yolk can be mixed with drops of any vegetable oil and cognac in the ratio of two yolks for four table spoons (2:4). Also, a banana, honey and 100 ml of beer added to a yolk stimulate faster hair growth.
  1. Mustard mask. A tea spoon of mustard is mixed with warm water until it gets soft mushy texture. Add one yolk and a table spoon of vegetable oil. The mixture is applied to slightly wet hair. The head must be wrapped and usually using plastic food wrapper is the best option to go with since it holds in the warmth and can be easily applied so it is not sliding off. After 20 minutes, the hair is thoroughly washed with any shampoo.
  1. Honey and onion mask. This mask plays a nutritional role when it comes to hair growth. Honey and juice of medium-sized bulb are mixed and gently rubbed into the hair. In 30 minutes the mask is quickly and easily washed off the hair. But the smell of onion can still remain. In that case, kefir or apple vinegar can be used to remove the smell of the onion.
  1. Burdock mask. Half of a lemon piece and the whole egg yolk are squeezed out into 3 table spoons of onion juice. The resulting mass is mixed with three drops of burdock oil. Then, the entire substance is carefully rubbed into the hair. Try keeping the mask under the towel a little less than an hour.
  1. Pepper oil. The tincture is made of capsicum for which the pepper needs to be brewed in 200 grams of good cognac about ten days in advance. Such mask can also be found in some pharmacies.


To summarize, masks must always be freshly prepared, otherwise the effect of its components will be ineffective. The application method is the same: application, wrapping, sitting it out for a bit and washing.


Keep in mind: consistency will gain you greater results rather than doing it once in a while. Work out the optimal schedule for yourself, and watch that hair grow!


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how to grow hair fast - anchante hair

  • March 25, 2017
  • Konul Iskenderova
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