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August 09, 2017

When it comes to braiding, we can never have enough of it. So today, I am teaching you a unique technique of braiding. This braid was inspired by a mermaid braid, but it is slightly different.

It is a perfect hairstyle for a wedding, anniversary, birthday party or for a casual dinner. This new braiding technique will give you an elegant braid that you can accessorize and wear as you wish for whatever event you wish.

In order to recreate this hairstyle, you will need the following:

  • Lots of small hair elastics
  • Bobby pins
  • Brittle brush

To start off, make sure your hair is straight since this hairstyle is ideal when done on straight hair. You can go ahead and try it with curly hair as well, but note the end results will not be as smooth as you see in the video below.

First of all, smooth out all the flyaways using a brittle brush. If you have damaged hair you can spray your hair with water before you start with the hairstyle. Then, make sure to part your bangs from the rest of your hair, if you wish to maintain your bangs. Once you have done this, you can start with your braid.

  S H O P   A N C H A N T É   H A I R   E X T E N S I O N S   anchante hair

Section off 2 pieces of hair from both sides. Recommended to braid using thin hair strands. Tie the 2 sections of strands on the right or left the side of your head at the back and secure it with the hair elastic. Now, grab another 2 sections of hair strands from both sides. Let’s say you tied the first 2 strands on the right, and in this case, you will grab hair from the right side first and pull it over and through the loop of the first sections – please see the video for the visual explanation.   Once you have pulled it through the loop of the first section, tie it on the opposite – left – side of your head at the back. Repeat the steps.

Please note, the new section starts off on the same side where you tied the section before the new one. The reason for this is, to ensure you hide the hair elastics and achieve a beautiful braid using a pull through method.

mermaid braid anchante hair

This hairstyle I would not say is very easy, but once you have understood how the technique works, then it will come naturally to you. Just pay close attention when watching the video to understand how each strand is created.

If you found this tutorial useful for yourself, please make sure to share it with your friends. Also, feel free to provide your thoughts in the comment box below. It will help us to make the blog even more helpful and interesting and bring more valuable information to our readers. 


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