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Short haircuts are always trendy as long as they are unique, asymmetric and well-styled. They are a perfect look to opt out to for stylish women who value diversity and extraordinary things. Especially when you accessorise it with different pins, flowers, headbands and many other, which adds extra charm to a hairstyle.


One of the main advantages of short haircuts is comfort. They do not require a lot of time, effort and energy to style and care for them. They are easy to wash, dry and comb. If a regular care and timely cut are provided, they do not split and have a well-groomed look. The most effective season for having short haircuts is winter since they do not require a special care. Short hair, unlike long ones, do not get into your mouth during the wind as well as they do not fall into your plate.

short hair cons and pros anchante hair 

A nicely styled short hairstyle does not require bright make-up or jewelry. It makes your face look younger and suits literally any age. With the short hairstyle you can emphasize your neck and eyes, get a deeper gaze while your face is always open.


A short haircut hide and/or complement your facial features. Short thick hairstyle (e.g. down to the middle of the cheeks) will make the long and tight face look shorter and wider. Straight hair covering part of the neck and coming up to the corners of the lower jaw, contributes to a visual narrowing of the round face. Meanwhile, short haircut (down to the chin) will eliminate the appearance of the square contour.


To add a bit of roundness to a flat back of the head is possible by creating volume in the crown area. It is also recommended to have a short haircut if you have a small neck.


Besides the numerous advantages, short haircut also has number of cons. It is not recommended to sleep with wet hair. It is important to wash your hair in a timely manner while styling it right after the wash.

 short hair cons and pros anchante hair

The hairstyle should match the facial features, which means emphasizing your advantages and hiding the weak spots. It must be said that short hair does not fit all women. Short-cut hair automatically makes you pay attention to the face and head. It is very difficult to choose a short thick hairstyle in order to avoid the appearance of the dandelion effect. It's hard enough to find it even for a square face. For a heart-shape face, the best option is a bob cut.


Short hair requires a significant use of styling products (gels, mousses, waxes). While they can be applied to dark hair color and not be seen, such products may cause the effect of dirty hair on the lighter hair color.


And, of course,It is important to note that, in case of failure, a short hairstyle can not be easily changed to a new one. It will require a lot of time to grow your hair first naturally, unless you decide to go for hair extensions while waiting for your hair to grow out.



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  • May 06, 2017
  • Konul Iskenderova
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