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How to get rid of static hair? This question arises from many women as this problem causes a lot of discomforts. First of all, we need to clarify the main reasons for that. It can be caused by wearing tighthead cover, bad weather conditions, dry air or the lack of vitamins and microelements in your body.



We figured out the reasons for hair static. Now, it is the time to find out the ways to eliminate this phenomenon. 

  1. USE OF ANTISTATIC. This is one of the best ways to eliminate static hair. However, if you don’t carry it, you can go for regular hairspray. Just spray it on your hair and comb the curls.
  2. BEER AND MINERAL WATER. You should use them the same way as you would use a hairspray.
  3. You have picky curls and all you have is FACIAL OR HAND CREAM? Do not worry. They will cope with the problem as well. Just apply a bit of cream on the comb and run it through the hair. But go easy on the amount of cream since it can make your hair very greasy.
  4. Apply few drops of LAVENDER OIL into your hair, and then you can comb and style your hair. You can also dissolve the lavender oil in the water and spray it before leaving the house.
  5. SELECT THE HAIR DRYER THOROUGHLY. During the cold season, it is better to stay away from the hair dryer because it over dries your hair and it starts to electrify. If there is no way you can’t use it, select the hair dryer that has Ionization of Air mode in it.
  6. To prevent hair from static, follow the next procedure: put your hands together and breath out on them. Immediately smooth the curls with your hands. MOISTURIZING YOUR HANDS is one of the best methods when there is no anti-static and hairspray nearby.
  7. PROPER COSMETICS. To care, you must use only cosmetics that are suitable for your hair type. If your hair is dry, you must use masks that add nutrients to your hair.
  8. HIGH-QUALITY COMB. A wooden comb is the best choice. You can also use ebonite comb - they are really helpful when the hair is extremely electrified. But, stay away from the plastic comb because it is the main source of hair static.
  9. COVER YOUR HAIR. To meet a woman who likes to wear a winter hat is rare. However, it is necessary to wear a hat or any head cover because the blood circulation is disturbed from the cold and it damages your hair.
  10. REGULAR HAIR CARE. Owners of dry hair should regularly take care of it. Especially, during the summer period, when the burning sunbeams dry the hair. It’s also better to constantly cut dry split ends rather than keep them and let them grow out. Also, try to moisturizing masks and deep condition it as often as possible.
  11. COSMETICS WITH ANTI-STATIC INGREDIENTS. For hairstyling, you need to use special remedies such as wax, gel or foam. They control your hair by keeping individual hairs put together.

static hair how to treat it anchante hair 

We recommend using the following proven mask against strong static in your hair:

  • Mix half of mango juice, 1 tbs. of fat yogurt and a yolk in a small bowl. Then, stir up the mixture and apply it on washed dry hair and leave it in for half an hour. Wrap your head with a towel for more effective results.


Another amazing mask from hair static is mixing 2 tbs. of liquid honey, 2 tsp. of olive oil and a yolk. Stir it up. Then use the recipe exactly the same way as we described above.


After washing, rinse your hair with lemon juice that is dissolved in the water. Moisten your hair with mineral water throughout the day. Add a bit of gelatin into your shampoo. It will not only help you easily style your hair, but also prevent from the negative impact of the environment.


Once again about the comb…


If you select a wrong comb, then it will cause static in your hair. This is when it is recommended to change the comb. Forget about plastic and metal combs. Choose the comb that is made of natural materials such as ebonite, ceramics or wood.


In the ancient times, wooden combs were considered as an indication of wealth and only rich people could afford them. Today, anyone can afford to buy a comb made of pine or oak. Note, you should take care of them to make sure that it does not get cracked, otherwise, it will damage your hair by pulling on it.

static hair how to treat it anchante hair 

Some important tips

  1. Say no to synthetic hats and scarves. It will positively affect not only your hair but also the scalp. Peeling, itching, and dandruff will disappear.
  2. It is necessary to moisturize the scalp and hair that is not only at the top, but also inside. Every day you need to drink at least one and a half liters of clean water.
  3. At home, try to use humidifier since it will help to keep your hair moisturized.
  4. Balanced diet. If your hair becomes static, try to keep your nutrition balanced. Make sure to include foods containing vitamin B in them.
  5. Wash your hair with warm water, not a hot one. At the end, rinse your hair with cold water to cover the scales.


Hope this helped to answer all the questions in regard to how to control static hair. Above all, do not ignore the problem, instead, find the effective ways that will help to cope with the static hair.

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