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July 22, 2017

Summer is a long-awaited time for many of us. Finally, you can take off your jacket and enjoy the hot sun, but for your hair, it is a stressful period. Let's find out what is so harmful about the summer for your hair.


There are two main elements that directly affect the well-being of your hair:


  1. SUN. It dehydrates the hair and, as a result, it becomes drier, more brittle and fragile. Our hair has a complex structure, it contains protein, as well as various amino acids, vitamins, and pigments. The sun radiates several kinds of ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to our hair. Beta rays can destroy the pigment of the hair. This applies to both the natural pigment and dyed hair. Meanwhile, Alpha rays destroy the cuticle of the hair, so the hair becomes dull, dry and loses its elasticity.


  1. WATER AND WIND. Sea water causes the most common argument about what it brings to the hair – benefit or damage? Sea salt destructively affects the hair as salt molecules penetrate the structure of the hair and slowly destroy it. But sea water doesn’t only damage the hair. For example, it is useful for the scalp because it contains many minerals and micro elements that can strengthen the bulbs. However, the hair itself under the influence of salt water, burning sun and the warm wind gets damaged a lot. And when it comes to fresh water reservoirs and rivers, their influence on the hair cannot be called positive. They contain dirt, bacteria, and microbes, which also have a negative impact on our hair.

summer hair care tips anchante hair 



To keep your hair healthy and beautiful in the summer, it needs a special care. If you comply with all of the following rules, you can protect your hair to the maximum and forget about such problems as dryness, fragility, lack of shine and cross-section.


  1. WASHING YOUR HAIR.In the summer, the hair and the scalp get dirty much faster because of street dust, sweat, styling products, etc. Therefore, washing your hair becomes a fairly frequent procedure.


  • First, you need to choose the right shampoo for your hair.It should be easy, suitable for frequent use and for any type of the hair. The ingredients should contain moisturizing elements (jojoba oil, herbal extracts, essential oils, Panthenol, vitamins, biotin, etc.) and silicone oils that help to retain the moisture in the hair (Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone).


  • Secondly, the water should be warm, but not hot. It’s ideal to rinse your hair with cool or even cold water since it will cover the hair scales and they will be smooth.


  • Thirdly, you need to wash your hair as it gets dirty,even if it happens every day or every other day. Since the sebum and dirt, that are accumulated on the scalp, clog the pores, oxygen does not flow to the bulbs and they become weaker.


  1. MASKS AND BALMS. The use of a mask or balm for hair after washing is mandatory. During the summer period, it is better to choose a moisturizing conditioner and a nourishing mask. Hair conditioner must be used every time after washing, while the mask is enough to apply once a week. Also, pay attention to cosmetics with protective ultraviolet filters. They create a thin film on the hair that protects it from the sun.


  1. USE FAST REMEDIES. Such remedies are irreplaceable in a hot period. They can be sprays, creams, oils, etc. Such products are applied on dry or wet hair after washing, they moisturize and protect hair and, at the same time, do not heavy down the hair. You can also choose products marked as Sun or SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

summer hair care tips anchante hair 

  1. COVER YOUR HAIR FROM THE SUN. Summer is a good time to try adding something new to your look and for this matter, you should pay attention to hats, shawls, bandanas, and caps. Of course, all this is necessary to protect the hair as well. If you do not stay in the sun for a long time, then this rule can be neglected, following the above points. However, for example, if you are going to spend the entire day on the beach or going for a vacation to a hot country, then you should consider covering your hair!


  1. OILS. In addition to buying hair products, you can use regular cosmetic oils. They are natural and will perform not only protect the hair but also restore it. The main rule is to choose light oils, for example, grape seed, jojoba, almond and olive oil. Such oils will not make your hair heavy and contribute to pollution.

summer hair care tips anchante hair

There are several ways to apply oils in summer:  

  • Applying oil to your hair before washing. It is necessary to apply oil to your hair, from the roots by 3-5 cm for 20 minutes. Then, wash your hair as you usually do. Oil creates a protective film on the hair, so the hair does not over dry when washed and is protected from the aggressive impacts of the shampoo.


  • Applying oil to the ends instead of balm. This method is suitable for very dry hair. After washing, apply a bit of oil on slightly wet or dry hair. The oil should be applied only to the ends and in a small amount.


  • Applying oil before swimming. This method works for women who are on the vacation in hot countries and spend a lot of time on the beach and/or in the water. Before heading to the beach, apply oil to the hair along the entire length by 5-10 cm from the roots down. Perhaps the hair will not look as fresh as after washing, but it will be protected from the salt water.


  1. RINSE THE HAIR WITH THE HERBS. Herbs contain a lot of useful ingredients, oils, vitamins and micro elements. Rinsing hair with herbal tea after washing is an indispensable procedure during the warm season. To rinse the hair, you can use the following herbs: Linden flowers, chamomile, nettle, St. John's wort and birch leaves.

  summer hair care tips anchante hair

  1. REDUCE THE USE OF STYLING TOOLS. Here we are talking about curling irons, hair straighteners, and dryers. You should significantly reduce the use of the first two devices, as they damage the hair during any period and, especially, in the summer. Try to use a hair dryer as rarely as possible and do not use it in a very hot air mode. If you can’t avoid using any of those devices, then, always use thermal protective remedies.


  1. DO NOT FORGET NOURISHING THE HAIR FROM THE INSIDE. In the summer, do not let your body dehydrate as this will affect the hair too, instead drink enough water. Provide your body with vitamins, including fruits and vegetables in your ration and also take special vitamin complexes. In the case of very dry hair, you can take 1 table spoon of linseed oil every day.

Complying with this basic rules, you can protect your hair and even improve its condition.


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