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Get into the summer mode and upgrade literally everything from your makeup and skincare to your hairstyle.

For an extra glam, you can always curl your hair and your hair extensions without using any hot tools. Yes, thermal tools are an easy way to getting your desired look fast, but you can always give your hair a break from all the hot tools and still look super glam. Sun and heat and hot tools will do so much damage to your hair, and for this reason, you should consider giving your hair some break.



Today's tutorial is all about that glam where I will show you how to recreate this easy heatless waves. Since it is a heatless hairstyle tutorial, you will need patience and time if you want to achieve perfectly bouncy curls. It is recommended to do this hairstyle on a damp or slightly wet hair. You will need lots of bobby pins or anything that will hold the hair in its place once you have curled it with your finger, a spray for holding the curls, patience and time. This hairstyle is ideal to recreate if you know you will spend some time at home because if it is damped hair, then it will take you around 15-20 minutes after you have bobby pinned the hair to wait, but if it slightly wet hair, then it can take you over 30 minutes in wait time to achieve the best results.

summer heatless waves anchante hairNOTE: Using OMBRE CHESTNUT in 220 grams and 20" long. 

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  • June 07, 2017
  • Konul Iskenderova
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