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August 23, 2017

Nowadays, it is unlikely to surprise anyone with wigs or clip-in hair extensions, since girls enjoy experimenting with their hairstyles using either one of those and more. Having long hair requires special care, not all women have time for it, especially if they are working and/or have a family with kids. But regardless, you still want to rock a cute yet beautiful hairstyle which can be easily recreated if you have extra length to your hair. In order to solve this issue, it is recommended using the clip-in hair extensions. Hairstyles with clip-in hair extensions are very simple and fast, and most importantly, do not require any additional fixed costs and can be changed up based on your personal preference.

There are two main types of clip-in hair extensions: synthetic and human. It is clear enough that the second type, human, is more expensive, but the first type of hair extensions, synthetic, is still widely used by fans to change the hair look significantly anytime at a low cost.

When buying clip-in hair extensions, you get a chance to choose a shade that fits your hair color. It is recommended to get the hair extensions in the color close to yours in order to avoid mismatched, unnatural look.



If you think that your hair lacks volume, then you can solve this problem in minutes. Take the clip-in hair extensions and tease them slightly with massage brush to add extra volume. Then attach them underneath your own hair. Afterward, you can style your hair the way you want it to. This hairstyle takes minimum time and efforts, but yet looks very glamorous.

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Clip-in hair extensions can also be used for braiding. They can be both, combined with your own hair or braided separately. This is possible only if the synthetic hair is well blended with your natural hair. The hairstyle will be voluminous and elegant.

What can I braid?

First, you can start by braiding your hair with hair extensions tightly. After this, with the help of regular small bobby pin, it can be secured around your head a headband. Say if you have bangs, then you can secure the braid behind the bangs without putting them into the braid form. If you do not have bangs, then you might want to comb your natural hair back and neatly put it into the Dutch braid.



To create an elegant hairstyle is very simple and fast, just do the following: attach hair extensions evenly over the entire head. After that, from the gained volume take few strands of hair and curl them into the beautiful locks. For a more durable effect, use a styling foam.

However, it is worth remembering that synthetic hair requires special conditions for hair styling since they are not subjected to hot styling tools. It is necessary to style them very carefully. It’s also not recommended applying too much of a styling product because washing it off from synthetic hair is much more difficult than from human hair. When using them with extremely hot styling tools, you can cause the synthetic hair to melt while human hair can be easily straightened or curled with no risk to get damaged.

quick elegant hairstyle 


If you want to use clip-in hair extensions in order to add length to your own hair, then hide the hair extensions using a hair strand to wrap it around your ponytail. You can watch our tutorial on how to do so here.

To start off, gently comb your hair and apply hair styling product. Put all the hair in the ponytail and put it up and secure it with a hair elastic. If you need to secure the hair strand that you will need to wrap around the base of your ponytail (around the hair elastic that you used to secure the ponytail), then make sure to grab some bobby pins for the extra hold. At the end, you will get a long dreamy ponytail that is very easy and practical hairstyle to rock.  



Another beautiful version of everyday hairstyle is an updo. Clip in your hair extensions and then make sure to gently comb it all to ensure it is tangle free. Put the hair at the back using a hair elastic at the level that you feel more comfortable with. Now, you need to curl your ponytail using whatever you want, be it a hair curler or hot rollers or even bobby pins. Once you have done curling the hair, secure it to your hair in order to recreate the look that you see in the picture below.

elegant updo

This is a very easy updo that you can wear for a business meeting or a special event. It will always look put together and chic.

If you take a proper care of your clip-in hair extensions, then they serve you for a long time and keep you pleased. After a certain period of time, you need to make sure to wash them and treat them in order to increase its longevity.

Clip in hair extensions can be of various lengths. To add volume to your hair, use hair extensions of the same length as your own hair. If you want to add the length, then make sure to grab the extensions in the same thickness as your hair but longer.

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