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Many of you might ask: what are clip in hair extensions and what are the advantages of them?


Clip in hair extensions are sewn into the special wefts of different width which have small pieces of clips, made from light and flexible metal, attached to them. These clips have special denticles that serve for a firm attachment onto your hair. In addition, each clip is silicone-coated which ensures that the extensions will not slip off your hair and will do 0 damage to your hair.


To apply hair extensions is very easy and quick, and most importantly, you can do it yourself, without the help of a hairdresser. The result is instantly long, thick and beautiful hair within a a matter of few minutes.

 anchante hair what is clip in hair extensions halo style

Platinum Blonde #613: 160 grams in 20" long 


With clip in hair extensions, you can wear your hair loose, make a ponytail, braid it, literally, do any hairstyle you want. The wefts are not visible at all, the hair is held very tightly and is not noticeable in texture from your own hair, visually or physically. The method of clip in application is safe for your hair and, most importantly, does zero damage to your hair (Anchanté Hair recommends using silicone-coated clips for 100% satisfaction).


When ordering clip in extensions online or in the physical store, first of all, you save hundreds of dollars when you do it yourself, rather than doing it in the hair salon, which accumulates to a ridiculous amount with the expensive service fee and regular maintenance. With clip in hair extensions, you can attach and remove them on your own.


There are 3 types of hair sets in the market:

  1. Natural human hair
  2. Mixture of natural human hair and synthetic
  3. Synthetic


So, which once is the best to buy?

Of course, the best clip in hair sets are made from natural human hair and can be worn up to 2 years depending on the hair quality. To achieve the maximum results, it is very important to provide proper care to your hair extensions. Poor care to your natural hair can damage it long term, which is even more stressed for the hair extensions. So moisturize it with oils and leave in treatments, like you would with your natural hair.


Sets of synthetic hair and semi-synthetic hair (mixture of human and synthetic hair) can be worn maximum for a month as such mixture of hair can not withstand daily wear and lose aesthetic look.


The sets of synthetic hair have only one advantage - relatively low price. This type of hair might be a good fit for one-time event, unless you have nothing against the fake shine.

anchante hair what are clip in hair extensions halo stylePlatinum Blonde #613: 160 grams in 20" long 

When selecting clip in hair extensions you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Hair must be of a good quality, silky and soft.
  • Make sure of the hair supplier because there are lots of dishonest suppliers. Do not hesitate to inquire the Certificate of Quality (each hair manufacturer must provide that certificate upon the buyer’s request)
  • Pay attention to the texture
  • To choose the right thickness, the weight and length should match.
  • The good quality hair extensions set must be thick at the bottom

When choosing human hair extensions, pay attention to to the quality of the hair if you want to wear them for a long time.


What type of hair is supplied by Anchanté Hair?

Anchanté Hair offers clip in hair extensions that are made out of only premium quality 100% Remy human hair, which are properly processed and meet the International standards. We also have the certificate of quality which states that our products are made from 100% human hair. We are constantly expanding the product range, add new shades, control the production quality as well as inspect the quality before shipping the items to our customers. Recently, we have also launched the Color Customization service that allows our valuable customers to customize their desired color. Our hair extensions can be dyed, toned, but not bleached since they are Remy hair. You can also use the hair dryer, straightener, hair curlers and rollers. Our hair is silky and soft in texture and is a perfect match for our beautiful women.


Our company’s experts are always ready to help you in choosing the right set and the appropriate shade, as well as assist you with all your questions. Every client is important for us, that’s why we try to ensure that you are always satisfied with the quality of our products and the level of our customer service.



what are clip in hair extensions anchante hair

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  • May 13, 2017
  • Konul Iskenderova
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