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When it comes to choosing the right comb, everything matters - type of comb, its shape, material, and even how comfortable it feels in your hands.


Today, probably, the most popular type is a massage brush. It does not only comb your hair, but also massages the scalp and increases the blood circulation. This is even more effective if you are using brushes with small beads on the ends. However, this is not the most optimal brush for everyone. For instance, if you already have an oily scalp, we would recommend to stay away from this brush because it will make your hair go greasy faster than the usual.


In order to comb thick and long hair, the brush should be large enough - at least 12-16 lines of denticles on it. When it comes to the shape of the brush, square, oval or round, it does not play a significant role since it does not affect the quality of combing.


If your hair is thick and wild, it is better to use a brush with thick and rare denticles. They perfectly cope with the tangled curls, but do not break and damage the hair. If you have fine hair, the best option is the brush with thin and frequent denticles. It will help create an extra volume during combing and will detangle all the knots in your hair.


Also, there is another brush that is designed specifically for styling – the round brush for blow drying. The body of the brush head that holds those denticles together is absolutely empty inside and has several holes. This design allows the air to flow evenly through the brush and strands when using a blow dryer and, thus, dries your hair better. This kind of brush is optimal when you are trying to recreate a certain hairstyle and especially when trying to add volume. Large circular brushes are designed for long hair, but if you are trying to create curls using a round blow drying brush, your best bet will be to go with medium or small sized brushes. Note, skinny brush heads are perfect for shorter hairstyles or bangs.

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There are also many options for combs for different types of hair. For example, a comb with rare and wide denticles is necessary for combing right after shower since it does not damage the hair when combing. Therefore, it should not have sharp edges and seams. As an example, the thick comb works well for parting the hair too.


If the denticles on the comb are of different lengths or located at different angles, then this comb is designed for backcombing. By the way, the notches on the denticles help pull out individual hair pieces from the strands, and creates more volume when backcombing.


Let's be a materialist! 

Pay attention to the pile of the comb. Give a preference to natural materials, for example, boar’s bristle. As a matter of fact, it is the same hair, but coarser and more durable since there is no friction between a bristle and your hair. Such a hairbrush gently slides through the hair, without tearing or tangling them. Bristly combs are especially recommended for owners of thin, weak and blonde hair. But for those whose hair is thick and coarse, it is better to choose a comb with plastic denticles and bristles that are more or less rare.


Also pay attention to what material the comb is made of. Wooden ones eliminate static hair, but they also have drawbacks. It is hard to take care of wooden brush. After washing your hair, it will darken, and at worst - it can crack. 


A metal comb can also perfectly eliminate static effect in the hair, but it is not recommended using them too often, especially if your hair is thin and fragile. A plastic comb is the most affordable and available option since they are easy to clean, serve long, convenient to carry with. But plastic combs can result in static hair, and if the denticles are poorly polished and are not even, then they can cause brittleness and split ends.


Moreover, for hair styling, it is better to choose a comb with an iron base that has a ceramic coating. Due to the characteristics of ceramics, heating is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the base, which makes every strand that you blow dry softer and easier to style. Professionals recommend buying combs with rubber or cork handle since they will not slip out of your hands when you try to blow dry fast or if your hands are wet.


To conclude, make sure to pick the right brush for your hair type since it can have a great impact on the health of your hair.




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  • April 29, 2017
  • Konul Iskenderova
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