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We are a 100% Remy human halo inspired clip-in hair extensions brand with 0 damage! Our exclusively designed
halos help you get fuller and longer enchanted hair in a matter of 30 seconds with one full hair piece! 


My name is Konul and I am the co-founder of Anchanté Hair. Now, being a girl with not so thick hair who always had layers or short hair, at times hoping that they will grow out to fuller and longer hair, I always looked with admiration at those who had beautiful full glamorous hair. After trying out every home and commercial hair remedy, I gave up and decided to try clip-in human hair extensions. I instantly loved them, but there was one thing that I was not fond of – the amount of time it takes to apply multiple wefts in your hair and then throughout the day making sure that they do not slip off. After thorough research with the help of my husband, Ilkin, I decided the best thing to do was to design my own clip-in 100% Remy human HALO inspired hair extensions that would take only 30 seconds to install. I wanted to provide the luxurious product in the market at an affordable price for those who are busy bees trying to checkmark as many items off their list throughout the day, but want to do it in style with glamorous enchanted hair! 



"The word Anchanté in Haitian Creole translates to enchanted, and when I read it I knew this was the name to the look that I wanted to represent everyone who will be wearing their halos." 

- Konul Iskenderova, Co-Founder of Anchanté Hair


Anchanté Hair extensions come with 7 silicone-coated clips on one full quad weft piece, meaning it does zero damage to your hair and you do not feel the weight of the weft since the clips are evenly sewed in to eliminate the weight pressure and provide 100% comfort with the wear. The silicone clips are 100% secure and will not slip off your hair, so you will always feel confident with the fit! Our halos are made of the highest grade of 100% remy human hair with full length and thickness throughout the set with natural finish and with no silicone-coating on the hair that will guarantee your 100% satisfaction!


To further ensure your 100% satisfaction, we have attached a small sample of hair with your purchase at the front pocket of your Anchanté bag to try on before you open the seal of your product. By doing so, you could sample the hair for the color match to ensure it meets your expectations.


With exceptional customer service,we strive to provide top quality product and value to our customers!


Our Shop offers a wide range of colors to match your hair and we also provide Color Customization Service to leave you 100% satisfied. Our hair extensions vary in length from 16 inches up to 24 inches, depending on the weight collection. Please email us with your requests at and we will be happy to assist you. 





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