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What is 100% Remy human hair?


Remy human hair is the highest grade of extensions where the hair strands have been thoroughly collected and sorted to ensure that the cuticles are all in the same direction. This sorting process ensures that the hair does not get tangled and gives natural look to the extensions. The smooth tangle free finish is very important and can be tested simply by running your hair through your extensions unlike non-Remy extensions. 


Anchanté Hair uses 100% remy human hair for our halo clip-in extensions.


What is the difference between clip-in and micro bead (transparent wire) halo hair extensions?


Clip-in halo extensions is what Anchanté Hair provides. Our clips are silicone-coated which does ZERO damage to your natural hair. They are also very easy and quick to apply, they do not slip off your hair and provide confidence with the fit regardless of your extensions’ weight.

Micro Bead extensions look very cool since all you do is flipping the hair into your head, BUT it is very uncomfortable to wear. We have tested the micro bead and after less than 5 minutes of wearing it, it became unbelievably painful as hair extension pulls the wire down due to its weight and the wire starts digging into the scalp at the front top of your head. Also, regardless how you hide the wire, you can still spot it, and when tested for the fit, it came off very easily when the head was tilted back. Note, test was done with the 220 gram extensions, the largest weight in our collection.


How long do your extensions last?


Since we use the highest grade of remy human hair, our extensions can last at least for 8-9 months with minimum care to them and constant wear. However, if you take a proper care of your extensions then they could last you for over a year and more.


Can I dye my Anchanté extensions?


Yes, you can dye your hair extensions, but we do not advise to bleach them. Since our extensions are 100% remy human hair, you should not bleach them because the cuticles are in tact, meaning they will not pick up on the bleach and may react negatively to the bleach causing damage to your extensions. Simply look at it this way - bleach can damage your natural hair which gets nutrients from your scalp, and now think about how much damage can a bleach cause to your extensions which are not attached to a scalp and do not get natural nutrients. To avoid further problems, we do not recommend bleaching your extensions. For assistance, please email us at


Can I wash, straighten and curl my extensions?


Yes, you can wash them but since your extensions do not get any natural oils from the scalp, there is no need to wash them too often. Recommended washing 2-3 times a month if you constantly use heavy styling products on them (usually makes up to 15 wears).  

Yes, you can curl and straighten your extensions with styling tools. 


What type of hair does Anchanté Hair use for their extensions?


We use Brazilian hair for all our extensions because it is soft, thick and durable. For this reason, curls tend to last longer on Brazilian hair rather than other types due to its thick texture.


What if clips come off?


Most likely, they will not come off. However, accidents do happen and for your 100% satisfaction we have provided you with two extra silicone clips in your package.


What is the difference between synthetic and human hair?


The difference between the two is your preference: do you want it to look real or fake? Synthetic hair extensions have a very fake shine to them and they tangle a lot. Also, you cannot dye, curl or straighten them.  While human hair extensions are versatile. They can be curled, straighten and dyed, and if you have a 100% remy human hair then your extensions will be tangled free and have a natural look to it.


What does color match service mean?


Color match is a free service that we provide for our customers who are not sure with the color choice. All we ask from you to do is, to take a picture of your hair in the natural light and email it to us at and we will be happy to match the right color.


What is your return and exchange policy?


To get a full breakdown of our return and exchange policy, please refer to our Return & Exchange Policies page.


What is your refund policy?


To get a full breakdown of our refund policy, please refer to the page here


What is the pocket at the front of the package for?


It is a sample that you are free to open and test before you open the original seal of the package. Due to hygiene reasons, opened or tampered extensions cannot be returned or exchanged. This is a general hygiene rule that is followed by all in the hair extension industry and for this reason we have provided a sample for your 100% satisfaction. 


Do your extensions shed or tangle?


If provided a good care to the extensions then they will not shed or tangle, it all depends on the individual’s use and care to them. We recommend conditioning it with leave in treatments to moisturize the dry hair if it was exposed to the sun or styling tools a lot.


How do I know which fit is the best for me? 120 grams, 160 grams or 220 grams?


To better assist you, we will gladly help you to choose the right thickness of the hair. Please email us with your hair picture in the natural light at .