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Voice of Customers

At Anchante Hair, we aim to hear your concerns and provide you with the best service and product.

What if with Anchanté Hair you can get your dreamy hair for any occasions?
What if customizing your very own perfect set was not a problem?
What if Anchanté Hair had the solution you have been waiting for?


What you fear

  • Mix of animal and human hair
  • Poor quality of hair
  • Multi-weft hair extensions/Long application process
  • Hair smells
  • Unnatural look 
  • Damages your hair
  • Wrong color choice
  • Hair extensions slip off
  • Tangles
  • Frequent shedding
  • Poor blend with short hair
  • Broken clips
  • Limited length options
  • Heavy for thin/fine hair
  • Lack of thickness at the bottom
  • Can’t be straightened or curled
  • Frizzy hair when curled or straightened
  • No Return/Exchange policy
  • No storage place
  • Long delivery times

What We Promise

  • 100% Remy human hair
  • Premium quality of hair
  • Single-weft convenient solution/30 seconds application
  • No smell
  • Perfect blend due to the premium hair quality & multi-tone adapt coloring system
  • Zero damage due to silicone-coated clips
  • Free color-matching service/ Color comparison video/Multi-tone adapt coloring system/Color customization
  • Firm and secure hold
  • Tangle-free
  • Minimum shedding
  • How to blend hair extensions with short hair?
  • Strong high-quality silicone-coated clips
  • Various length and weight options
  • Lightweight due to even spread of clips/Comfortable wear
  • Thick throughout the set
  • Easily straightened or curled
  • Frizz-free when curled or straightened
  • 30-day Return/Exchange policy
  • Storage bag & wooden hanger
  • Free express shipping worldwide

We strive to satisfy all your needs while providing you with the perfect length and perfect color of your very own luxurious quality hair extensions. Simply email us at info@anchantehair.com or check out our SHOP page.




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