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  • Dark brown is one of the most elegant shades that will blend with many mid-tone browns.

    Change your appearance and look even more beautiful and confident with thicker and longer hair in just 30 seconds. Anchanté clip-in extensions are made of premium quality REMY human hair, meaning the strands have been thoroughly collected and sorted to ensure that the cuticles are all in the same direction, tangle-free and give the most natural look. They can be washed, straightened and curled any time and seamlessly blended with any type and length of hair due to the unique design and full thickness throughout the set.

    Unlike multiple clip-in wefts, Anchanté Hair extensions are designed as asingle-weft clip-in hairpiece to eliminate the long application process and ensure the most comfortable wear with 7 silicone-coated clips causing zero damage to your own hair.

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     USA / Canada  2-5 Business days
     Europe  2-5 Business days
     Rest of the World  3-10 Business days


    Once your parcel is shipped out, we will email you the tracking number. To leave you 100% satisfied, we use the global logistics leaders such as DHL, UPS, USPS and FEDEX for all our shipments.

    • Free hair sample for color match before opening the seal
    • Complimentary luxury Storage & Travel bag with wooden hanger 
    • 2 extra silicone-coated clips with your purchase
    • Free color matching service. Email us at  info@anchantehair.com




What is 100% Remy human hair?

Remy human hair is the highest grade of human hair where the hair strands have been thoroughly collected and sorted to ensure that the cuticles are all in the same direction. This sorting process ensures that the hair does not get tangled and gives the most natural look. The smooth tangle-free finish is very important and can be tested simply by running your hair through your extensions, unlike non-Remy extensions.

Anchanté Hair uses only premium quality 100% Remy human hair for its single-weft clip-in extensions.

What is the difference between clip-in, tape-in and halo hair extensions?

The clip-in hair extensions are what Anchanté Hair provides. Currently, the clip-in method is the most popular amongst women due to many reasons. They are easy and quick to apply, they can be installed and removed anytime, they do not slip off your hair and provide confidence with the fit regardless of your extensions’ weight. Moreover, our clips are silicone-coated, meaning they cause ZERO damage to your own hair while providing the secure fit.

The tape-in application is a more permanent solution for those who want to add extra inches to the current length. It's a safe method of attachment, but only if extensions are applied correctly. Moreover, this type of hair extensions requires a constant and thorough care and can not be removed easily, you will need to see an expert.

Halo hair extensions look very cool since all you do is flipping the hair into your head, BUT it is very uncomfortable to wear. We have tested the wire and after less than 5 minutes of wearing halo hair extensions, it became unbelievably painful as hair extensions pull the wire down due to their weight and the wire starts digging into the scalp at the front top of your head. Also, regardless of how you hide the wire, you can still spot it, and when tested for the fit, it came off very easily when the head was tilted back. Note, the test was done with the 220 gram hair extensions, the largest weight in our collection.

How long do Anchanté Hair extensions last?

Since we use the highest grade of 100% Remy human hair, our extensions can last at least for 5-8 months with the minimum care to them and constant wear. However, if you take a proper care of your extensions, then they can definitely last you for over a year.

Can I dye my Anchanté Hair extensions?

Yes, you can dye your hair extensions, but we do not advise to bleach them. Since our extensions are 100% Remy human hair, you should not bleach them because the cuticles are intact, meaning they will not pick up on the bleach and may react negatively to the bleach causing damage to your extensions. Simply look at it this way - bleach can damage your natural hair which gets nutrients from your scalp, and now think about how much damage can a bleach cause to your extensions which are not attached to a scalp and do not get natural nutrients. To avoid further problems, we do not recommend bleaching your extensions. For further assistance, please email us at info@anchantehair.com and our experts will be happy to answer your additional questions.

Can I wash, straighten and curl my hair extensions?

Yes, you can wash them, but since your extensions do not get any natural oils from the scalp, there is no need to wash them too often. We recommend washing 2-3 times a month if you constantly use heavy styling products on them (usually makes up to 15 wears).

Yes, you can easily curl and straighten your Anchanté Hair extensions with styling tools. Since we use 100% Remy human hair, our extensions can be used for those purposes.

How to choose the right color?

We know how difficult and risky sometimes it might be to choose the right color, therefore, we do all our best to bring you the most descriptive multi-stepped information before you make the confident and final decision.

Anchanté Hair extensions come in 14 different shades. All our extensions are made using multi-toned adapt coloring system, meaning that even if your hair color is slightly different from the selected shade, Anchanté hair extensions will still perfectly blend with you own hair. Moreover, we have recently launched a Color Customization service to bring you the best shopping experience ever. It means that even if you can’t find your shade in the colors chart, don’t get disappointed. We can customize any color for you. Simply send us a photo of your hair in the natural light and one of our experts will match the right color within 1-2 business days.

How to choose the right thickness (120 Grams, 160 Grams, 220 Grams, & 240 Grams)?

Clip-in hair extensions can be of different weight allowing to create the most natural volume in accordance with your hair thickness. The set of 120 grams will be a perfect match for women with fine(thin) hair. It will add enough volume and will look natural. The 160 grams set is one of the most popular ones and will be ideal for those who have regular hair, meaning the hair is not too thin and, at the same time, not too thick. Keep in mind that women with fine hair can also go for 160 grams. With 160 grams, the hair still looks very natural yet more voluminous. The set of 220 grams is a great variant for both medium and thick hair. It adds great length and will make you feel like a Hollywood Star. We recommend the thick set for ladies with already thick hair because it blends with your hair type and the bottom of your hair volume will look most natural. This set is also a perfect choice if you have short hair (to the shoulder) as it perfectly blends with your own hair because of the thickness throughout the set. As for the 240 grams set, it will add great amount of thickness for long haired girls with thin, medium and thick hair. It is a perfect touch to complement the natural mermaid length, especially if you want thicker braid and/or updos.

Why Anchanté hair?

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